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Chocolatier x GG Sister Golden Hair

Silver dapple, smokey black Missouri Fox Trotter filly

April 23, 2014


Three days old...genetically tested as Ee Crcr aa (carries one silver dapple gene!)

Champion sired genetically rare filly...can produce silver dapple!






The Sabbath S (Arabian) x Vanilla Dove (MFT)

Smokey black Half-Arabian colt

April 6, 2013


Photos below from August 2013 at four months old



This lovely, unusual half-Arabian/half Fox Trotter foal was bred to be THE trail horse deluxe! The sire was homozygous black and his dam carries cream and champagne genes so just what color this colt will be at maturity is still a wonderful mystery right now!  We are going along with the odds for now and are guessing that he will turn out a smokey black.  Newest photos above show he is now shedding out VERY dark around his eyes and muzzle.


Already promising to have an awesome gait, this colt will be the cadillac of riding horses.  His Arabian blood will give him unlimited stamina on the trail and his Fox Trotter blood will contribute to the smooth ride in the saddle.  He's got the best of both worlds with Champion bloodlines from both his sire and dam!  He is marked with a blaze, two hind irregular stockings and sock/partial sock in the front.  His beautiful face and conformation completes the package.


Registered in the Half Arabian registry.






Damn Yankee x Lady Francine
1996 Chestnut Fox Trotter Mare



Maggie is an unflappable trail horse and has been used to give lessons for beginner riders.  This lovely mare conceives easily and is a wonderful mother should you choose to add her to your broodmare band.  This gentle mare has a "no gimmick", ground eating smooth fox trot that ANYONE can ride. 


Maggie's sire is a son of the successful show horse Mack Ks Yankee and her dam is an own daughter of the 1985 World Grand Champion Stallion, Black Cloud C.  Maggie has been ridden extensively by both experienced and novice riders alike!  She has been exposed to many things, including but not limited to, metal bridges, railroad tracks, trains, school buses, motorcycles and she is traffic safe.  She crosses creeks, goes through mud, and true to her Fox Trotter heritage is very surefooted...she has been on trails that go nearly straight up or down with or without rocky terrain.  Maggie is definitely a "been there, done that" gal!  She rides great by herself or has been an enjoyable mount on large overnight trail rides where she has been picketed.


Maggie is registered with the Missouri Fox Trotter Association.   Please email Wanda for more information about this "husband friendly" mare that the whole family can enjoy!


Maggie has been sold and is being loved by her new family!



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